Surprise up to the latest free bonus for the month of November on PS4 and PS5

Surprisingly, on the last day of the month, new additional free content arrives for all users with an active subscription to the service PlayStation Plus.

All members can actually download an exclusive bundle of cosmetics to show off at no additional cost Rocket LeagueFree, popular branded game Psyonix It is available for free on both Playstation 4 Of the PlayStation 5. The package in question includes four different elements to customize the car, so you can apply completely new wheels, decals, tracks, and covers.

Here is the full list of items included in the free package:

  • Spoof Star BL (Ruote)
  • Ninja Star BL (Scia)
  • Seeing Stars BL (Excellent)
  • Starscape Jr. BL (Decalcomania)

Here is the link to download the package from the web version of the Sony Store:

It’s worth noting that since this is a game that supports cross-save, all players who unlock items on the PlayStation console and have an account with the feature enabled, can use the same items on other platforms as well.

Did you know this Rocket League Sideswipe is available for free on iOS and Android?

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