“Surplus mass and workers’ victory”

The fact that the court blocked the layoffs carried out by Gkn in Campi Bisenzio with an email is “great news, a victory for the workers who were able to stay more than 70 days in front of the factory, graciously explaining the special reasons”. But it is now necessary for the government to “intervene” which “has more time to find a solution and has to do everything to find it. It owes it to these workers.” This is the opinion of journalist Corrado Formigli, who addressed the issue with the report “Gkn- The last Frontier” broadcast on September 16 in his program “Piazzapulita” on La7. “It seems to me – as Formigli tells AdnKronos – that he has gained valuable time that the government should not waste now.”

“The main issue we raised last Thursday – says the journalist – is that we have here a sound company that has never laid off workers for an hour, has not gone through a crisis, and that, overnight, he sent an email to the union saying: he laid off 422 employees after sending them one day on leave to empty the plant, and in all this there was a rather silent silence from the government in the sense that except for Deputy Minister Alessandra Todd who had shown interest in Orlando, there was no position taken from the point of view of the famous decree of relocation. Which line do we think we will take in relation to these episodes and, above all, how we can protect workers further.. It seems the court has arrived first and has given some time: it has overturned the isolation measures which will be repeated in the necessary ways, but it is also a way of telling the public rti ‘speak with each other and find a solution.

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However, according to Formigli, “He doesn’t act that way. Whatever our point of view of this story, there is a way of doing things and people. There is a way of doing things and not the way Gkn does. And then there is a larger general problem: a speculative financial company, a fund Melrose, laying off 422 people to get +4% in stock and giving more dividends to its shareholders for no real reason just for the company’s crisis. Because, based on these guesswork and these layoffs, the shareholders are earning more.” For the journalist “we must somehow interfere” with the fact that “financial capitalism is increasing, in a phase like this heavy post-pandemic crisis, due to job losses for so many people”.

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