Supplemental Social Bonus Bills to Eliminate Electricity and Gas Increases: Amounts

Grant, 450 million additional funds

About 3.5 million families in economic distress benefit from the social allowance on their bills. The bonus from 2021 is automatic and you don’t have to apply, just get I See less than 8,265 euros or belong to a family unit with at least 4 dependent children (large family) e I see no more than 20,000 euros (It is sufficient for a citizen to submit a declaration every year as the only alternative to obtaining a certificate for various subsidized social benefits). Those who have an income or a citizenship pension are also entitled to it. benefit , After the increases began on the first of October on electricity and gasThe government boosted it with 450 million euros to offset the sharp rise in gas prices and eliminate the increases. Additional discounts, i.e. i Complementary rewards, depending on the number of family members and the climatic region of residence. Here are all the details, also in light of the update I posted recentlyArrera, and the Energy, Networks and Environment Authority, led by Stefano Besegini, who every three months has the task of updating tariffs.

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