SUPERMOON is still big and soon will be red too! We tell you when and for what reason. Video »

SUPERMOON is still big and soon will be red too! We tell you when and for what reason. Video

The day of the event Superluna He arrived (video above from Athena) as well as fromTotal eclipse From Colors, Although the latter unfortunately It was not visible from Italy Nor in the rest of Europe.

For those who remembered to watch it, they would have seen a moon about 13-14% larger than normal and therefore with greater brightness (16% more).
Now we can take a look at A. Another phenomenon, Itself normal, but still pretty cool. On its rise the moon Still great, It will stain red. The reason is due to the interaction of light in the atmosphere with the presence of water vapor or atmospheric dust.
On Thursday the 27th, the moon’s rise will occur between 21.40 and 22.50, depending on the city in which you live.

But what does SUPERLUNA mean? This phenomenon occurs when the satellite is in the full moon phase (full moon) and at the same time at the closest point to the Earth (perigee).
Moment The perihelion occurred at 3.52 am on May 26Instead, the moon is at 13.16. The mighty May moon has appeared The largest ever in 2021, As the satellite reached the shortest distance from the Earth (357.312 km), compared to the previous giant satellites.

Astronomer coined the term “Super Moon” in 1979 (Richard Knoll), which is why it is not seen well by the scientific community. In fact, astronomers prefer to refer to this phenomenon using the less expensive terms “perihelion point”. -syzygy. ”The first term refers to the period when the moon is closest to the Earth, and the term“ sygyzy ”is used instead to denote the alignment of three celestial bodies belonging to the same gravitational system.

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Predict the climate: Thanks to our APP, we can say that for the event, the weather in Italy will be good almost everywhere, which is whyObserving the red giant moon will still be possible practically everywhere.

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