Supermarkets, UK: You can take off your mask to sing

The new Covid rules in the UK wanted by Boris Johnson state that in supermarkets you can remove the mask to sing.

the United kingdom She had to resort to Plan B due to the increase in coronavirus cases (after removing all restrictions a few months ago). Well, it seems that according to the new anti-Covid-19 rules that Boris Johnson wants, there is also the inexplicable possibility Take off your mask at the supermarket United Kingdom If yes sing.

But let’s go in order. Under this Plan B, approved by the Prime Minister last Wednesday, masks will be mandatory again in Britain today in most indoor public places, including cinemas, theaters and places of worship, but not in restaurants, pubs and gyms. Furthermore it Masks are already mandatory In shops and on public transport.

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However, in the new rules thereExemption Which allows people to take off their masks to sing. This might make sense in a place of worship, even if, to tell the truth, you could easily sing with a mask that you also wear in church: after all, you don’t participate in the Prima della Scala or the Eurovision Song Contest!

Except that the aforementioned exemption, which does not actually make sense in places of worship, appears to be valid also in other enclosed spaces, such as supermarkets. For a specific question about whether the customer can take off the mask in a file Tesco supermarket In singing, it was confirmed that it would be completely legitimate.

However, government officials admitted that singing in the supermarket will still be force the law, here goes one “acceptable excuse” In order to apply this exemption. Which means yes, you could take off your mask at the supermarket to sing a Kenshiro song, but there would be no compelling reason to do so.

Indeed, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that the British should be too Responsible and reasonableThey must find the right balance between restrictions and what is permitted.

But these are not the only ones abnormality It is in plan B. For example, in restaurants and bars, it has been determined that a mask is not necessary, even when you are not eating. In addition, people have been asked to increase smart work (although there is nothing to prevent colleagues from gathering at the bar to work without masks), but the Christmas festivities will still be there.

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