Supermarkets, open today and on May 1 throughout Italy: list

The first Monday of May is Workers’ Day, celebrated for more than a century in Italy and in other countries of the world to remember the many struggles for workers’ rights. Schools and offices will remain closed and shops will also be closed in observance of this special day. However, some major department stores and malls have chosen to remain open and available to customers. Let’s see which ones and when.

Esselunga, Lidl, and Conad

All Esselunga stores, around 172 across Italy, will be closed on Sunday 30 April and 1 May throughout the day. Some, located in less populated cities, may make some exceptions with unusually shortened hours. On the official website of the supermarket it is possible to check availability at each location. The Lidl chain will also close most of its branches. Same on Sunday, open Monday through Saturday. But on the official website it is possible to check whether there are unusual openings and at what time. As far as Konad is concerned, the decision to open or not and at what time (usually between the 7th and 21st) is up to the members. We therefore recommend that you inquire in advance at the supermarket itself.

Cobb, Bam, Bennett and Carrefour

Regarding Coop, most stores should be open for half a day on Sunday, April 30 (except for a few that will be open until 8 p.m.), while they will all be closed on May 1 (including Ipercoop), except at some Novacoop offices in Piedmont (more details can be found on the supermarket’s website). sHowever, am and Bennet must open to the public But the adoption of reduced hours on public holidays. The advice is to check the online store nearest you. There is no single indication: Carrefour stores will open sporadically across the region. For more details, check opening hours on the website.

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MD and Penny

On the other hand, MD stores are open, but with unusual holiday hours. The same goes for Penny’s stores: some will remain open all day, while others may be closed completely. In either case it is recommended to consult Official supermarket websites for more information.

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