Supermarkets, microbiological hazards of this product: “Warning!”

The ministry banned food potentially hazardous to human health, “which is produced in an unrecognized facility and is potentially unsuitable.”

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This time, a potentially very dangerous product for consumers ended up in the eyes of the Ministry of Health, the note published in the past few hours on the official website does not hide words to describe the seriousness of the situation.

The food produced in the factory is not recognized and considered unsuitable according to the registration. 178/2002 ″. Consumers are instructed not to purchase it and, if they are already at home, to return it to the nearest point of sale for immediate exchange of goods even without a receipt as required by national law on the matter.

Sales category is Milk & Light Instant Full Cream Milk Powder Sold in a 400g package. The brand of the product is Milk & Lait while the name or company name of FBO under which the product is marketed is Alimenti dal Mondo-Italia Srl.

On the other hand, the name of the manufacturer is World Trade Srl located in Torre Lupata in Pastorano (CE). The production batch and expiry date are not made clear, that means that The product is completely blocked Inside the manufacturing plant.

But what does microbiological risk mean? Let’s try to clarify the thorny and often controversial issue.

What do microbiological hazards mean and why do products pose a risk to human health

there Food Safety It is a set of rules that range from correct processing, production, distribution and storage foods And the raw materials-

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In addition to HACCP . Hygiene Principles It is necessary to respect throughout production chain Correct safety rules, both for the product itself and for the people who handle it.

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In fact, remember that the entire supply chain has a much wider range of distribution, which not only ends up in our homes, but also flows into distribution, delicious foods And the Supermarkets are not only Italian but also foreign.

For this reason, it is always necessary to observe the food legislation in force in the region where this product is processed. If the right is not respected food safety measures You risk that foods Probably Polluted with factors of a different nature (Physics, Chemistry and Microbiology).

In fact, there is a danger that this will become disease vehicle Also very serious. What does microbiological risk mean then? It is defined by the EC n regulation. 2073/2005 which explains how microbiological standards allow us to “Evaluate whether you work process It was carried out properly by following the correct precautions.”

“And to give Acceptance rule on a product, batch of food or process, based on the absence, presence or number of microorganisms and/or based on quantities of relevant toxins/metabolites, per unit mass, volume, area or match“.

So, in the end, we mean by microbiological hazards The possibility of infection caused by bacteria, viruses and pathogenic microorganisms ingested through food consumption.

Foodborne diseases are divided into 3 types:

  • infectionsdue to ingestion of food with live parasites, viruses or bacteria;
  • Poisoningwhen eating foods in which there are toxins already formed by bacteria (live or not);
  • toxinswhen live bacteria that multiply inside the body and produce toxins and waste products are ingested.

This is why variety is so important HACCP principles And how should any diet operator be properly trained Apply protocols correctly during daily work.

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