Supermarket and ATM receipts, fines start here

Italian tax authorities are becoming increasingly fierce against citizens.

The goal is to get rid of all forms of Tax evasion and new technologies computer science Make this possible more than ever.

ANSA / Financial Police

The new tax that emerges from government data but above all from that of the Revenue Agency is significantly different from the one in the past because The investigations are more insightful.

Receipts and ATMs: Who Risks

But above all, the new taxman focuses on the smallest habits of Italians, and this is exactly how he manages to deconstruct them. First of all, daily expenses are the big spy that gets scrutinized by the tax office. With the superior record of current accounts, it is easy to understand what the family spends. family Spends a lot on what comes out of the tax return It will certainly be taken care of by the tax authorities. But a family that spends little will also end up the same way. there Super registration for checking accounts In fact, it allows for a very accurate control of citizens’ expenditures which are then analyzed by the appropriate expenditures software Equipped with artificial intelligence.

With automated controls, this should be avoided

Any abnormal behavior will be immediately mentioned. But obviously the real bodyguard is ATM.


First of all, you should always keep in mind that I Cash payments are limited to €2000 Until the end of this year. But starting next year, the fines will start on their own 1000 Euro. But as we said, the ATM is the real private guard. Indeed From ATM withdrawals, it is possible to deduce what is economic life of the family unit. With their superior checking account registry, every ATM withdrawal is carefully vetted, and together they paint a very accurate picture of family spending habits. This thus becomes a reality Tax return comparison term.

Also check out honest people

Today, the Revenue Agency no longer trusts citizens’ tax returns But it could have counter evidence to it Direct from ATM checking accounts and credit cards. It is precisely by crossing this large amount of data This can manifest as tax evasion as well as money laundering. for the citizen honest It becomes important to avoid those abnormal and disruptive behaviors that may lead to completely useless examinations. In fact, the Automated Controls Risks It is precisely to leave even when it is not really needed.

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