Superbonus, what happens in the case of a non-speaking bank transfer

The Foundation provides some explanations on payment methods to reach the Super Bonus discount with a discount of 110%.

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One of the many nodes that followed the shutdown responded to the name Super Reward. 110% tax deduction that The restart decree was designed to favor redevelopment interventions Building energy and for other cases related to residential apartment buildings. One such aid program envisioned during the pandemic has ended, like the others, at the center of some uncertainties regarding both the maturity of the requirements and the application submission.

This last point, in particular, despite the fact that several months have now passed since its inception within the DL is still a matter of debate. As well as ways to pay expenses, This is the next step Once ascertained the requirements for obtaining the super bonus and the consequent discount.

To dispel (or at least try to do so) all doubts It is a revenue agency Which, through a note appearing in the reference magazine, tried to clarify the shadow cones still related to the payment methods. Specifically, the Foundation focused on a specific question, in which doubts about the numbering of the invoice for the balance of the bank transfer were raised on the interventions that fall within the super-reward discount.

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Superbonus and the Modern Bank Transfer: What It Is and How It Works

Circular 24 / E of August 8, 2020 has already made this point clear, indicating how the expenses will be paid by bank or postal transfer. Pay it off It should be complete with some details Related to recipients and senders. Respectively, the VAT number and the tax code. The bank transfer obligation is valid for all discount recipients but not for business operators. Payable operators will apply withholding tax of 8%. In this case, we are talking about “talking about bank transfer”.

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The last point has been clarified, which is the one related to the so-called “non-modern bank transfer”. In this case, we are talking about a batch that does not contain the necessary data in order to be valid. If this deficiency affected in any way the successful access to the bonus, the payment will be made again, because the previous payment will automatically end, Naturally without issuing funds.

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