Superbonus extended to geothermal sensors, but without a dedicated roof

More specifically, it is a matter of using sensors to carry out interventions on common parts of buildings to replace existing winter air conditioning systems with centralized systems for heating, cooling and domestic hot water supply, “including hybrid or geothermal systems”. In this element it will also be possible to insert probes.

When are the sensors installed?

Or, again, implement interventions on single-family buildings or on real estate units located within multi-family buildings “to replace existing winter air conditioning systems with domestic heating, cooling or hot water supply systems”, including hybrid or geothermal systems. Sensors can also be installed here.

The placement of these interventions in the part on paid business, in this formulation, has a definite cause, which has been explained by the Senate files. Here, in fact, we read that “the burden attributable to the expansion of interventions accepted for support, must in any case be brought back within the expenditure ceiling” already laid down in the restart decree.

There is no custom cap

In fact, during the scrutiny in the House of Representatives, the government redrafted the amendment, placing the investigations within Clause 1 and not Clause 5 of Article 119 of the Relaunch Ordinance. In this way, according to the government representative, “steps have been taken to rule out the occurrence of new or greater burdens on public finances.”

The gist then is that the geothermal sensors will be backed by 110% but will not have a dedicated roof. For example, for apartment buildings, it should remain, for the whole plant, in the range of €20,000 per property up to eight units and €15,000 per property above the eight-unit threshold.

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