Superbonus building, what will change in procedures and in credit allocation who will see 110% confirmation?

Construction bonuses: great anticipation for what the new government will do. Between those who already have construction sites open, perhaps obscured by the difficulty of allocating credits, and those waiting to open them, the uncertainties abound and mixed with uncertainty in finding the materials and equipment needed to create the same sites. Not forgetting that the rules on this topic have already registered about twenty changes: vailamme for technicians, users and companies.

Everything is connected to the budget law and the need, in the meantime, to refinance the bonuses due to those who adhere to the measures. Then there is the stated desire to reset all of these tools to avoid distortion and abuse.

Certainly from January 1, 2023, farewell to facade bonuses and bonuses to architectural barriers: the super bonuses will be usable until the end of 2023 only for residential units and also for public housing, albeit with restrictions. From January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024, the rate will drop to 70%. At the end of 2024, the Environmental Bonuses, Regular Earthquake Bonuses, Restructuring Bonuses, Furnishings and Gardens will also expire.

For an improvement, at least 23 billion will be required, the difference between the scheme 33.3 and 56.3 is committed, moreover by limiting itself to super rewards, it saves energy without thinking about those of anti-seismic improvements.

Will the balance really be transferred back? And will the post office remain an oasis for those who have ventured between rewards and rules? Translations and sworn checks, although added in the race by the Draghi government in the face of emerging violations that have already punished even those who were already in good standing, certainly will not decrease, but transfers should be streamlined. It is a pity that in the meantime – and every day the scenario gets worse – banking institutions have raised their share of the profits. The tax credit granted – if we talk about 110% – has fallen from 105% to 100% and is now down to 94%. Not everyone can deduct the full amount so as not to be exposed to these reductions.

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Will Ance, the National Association of Building Builders, be heard, which has requested an extension of the deadline by a few months? Saab: Meanwhile, the new government wants to cut the rate to 80% to bring back estimates to prices generated by comparisons and competition that, with costs to the whole country, ended up in the cavalry. After all, Draghi thinks so, too.

How do we reduce the complexity of the procedures? Obviously, with 110 apartment owners in the condominiums they were all in agreement (they didn’t come up with the Euro) and they improved the building’s energy efficiency. On the other hand, if we had to put our hands in our pockets, discussions would ignite in associations. There is also a standard method for environmental reward (75%) with fewer bureaucratic steps and reduced deductions in 10 years and no more in 4.

And who has actually started to work, perhaps adapting (and it wasn’t easy) to all the new rules that the penultimate government wants? Protection must be ensured in these cases. Hence the stated question of linking rewards to income or to the category of property or luxury property is difficult. We can talk about it in single family detached homes, but in condominiums the question becomes too complex to apply.

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