Superbonus 110: Will there be an extension?

110- Masoud and budget law

Super Bonus 110: The first exaggeration in the Budget Act, which, according to many insiders, will be much more than hearsay.

Budget law is Regulatory provision (law for short) of the Italian Republic according to which the state budget is approved. Organized byart. 81 of the constitution Through which the government, through the budget accounting document, informs Parliament of the expected public expenditures and revenues for the following year in accordance with applicable laws (as opposed to a final statement, which is instead an accounting document in which the income and expenditures that occurred in the financial year to which the budget refers are mentioned) .

The new budget bill It is submitted to Parliament by October 20 of each year (So, this year is being prepared to deliver in three days.)

110- Masoud: Will there be an extension to the whole of 2023?

The value of the budget law 2022 It will exceed 23 billion eurosOr, it is almost certain that a portion of that money will be used to fund Bonus 110, which is currently projected until the end of June 2022, so that it could cover the entire year of 2023.

We remind you that Superbonus 110% is a motivational measure provided by DL “Reboot” May 19, 2020, n. 34Which aims to make our homes more efficient and safer. The mechanism states that interventions can also be implemented at no cost to the citizen.

Superbonus 110: Application Methods

110 It is divided into two types of interventions: SUPER ECOBONS, which facilitates energy efficiency works; The Super Sesaponos, which instead encourages adaptation to earthquakes.

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Bonus incentive 110 consists of (a) 110% discount applicable to expenses incurred from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2022 It is divided among the receivables in five annual installments, and for the portion of expenses incurred in 2022, in four annual installments of the same amount.

To be able to enjoy the excellent reward 110 It is necessary to implement at least one so-called “leadership” intervention. Command interventions consist of thermal insulation of the building envelope, whether multi-family or single-family, in the replacement of heating systems with centralized systems, in the replacement of heating systems in single-family buildings or in real estate units located within multi-family buildings that are functionally independent and have one or more independent entrances From outside.

Once at least one of the driving interventions has been implemented, the beneficiary can also decide to implement so-called “cut-off” interventions, such as fixture replacement, solar shading, installation of photovoltaic systems, storage systems, charging poles for electric vehicles and home automation systems and removal of architectural barriers for people with disabilities in Dangerous situations, for people over 65 and more. The combination of these interventions (driving and towing) must include a minimum improvement in at least two of the two energy classes of a building or real estate unit located within a multifamily building that is functionally independent and has one or more independent entrances from the outside. .

the same for superbonus 110 sesame. In fact, it is enough to implement instead Anti-seismic adaptation interference. In this case, it is possible to take advantage of the 110% discount also for the installation of photovoltaic systems and storage systems. At Super Sismaponus, there are no restrictions on the number of homes that can be renovated.

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To take advantage of the 110% discount, the building must be located in seismic zones 1,2,3.

Super Bonus 110 – Will it be the only certain benefit?

Many bonuses, including restructuring, and Mobile Rewards, The garden bonusAnd Additional interfaces scheduled in December 31, 2021, but is likely to be extended until 2022

Remember that, however, The Minister Franco He declared his concern about the costs to the state to finance these bonuses, hinting that they would not last for long.

We also remember that there will also be the full implementation of the single check, which went into effect in 2021 but was only fully funded until December.

Finally, the New Superbonus 80% For the tourism sector, which follows the same principles of reward 110 million It is aimed at restaurants, agricultural tourism and accommodation facilities.

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