Superbonus 110, INT requires to pass an official compliance visa

Superbonus 110 percent, INT proposes to pass the official compliance visa with the goal of simplifying obligations. In the press release dated May 14, 2021, the critical issues and opportunities that digital technology has opened up are highlighted.

Super Bonus 110%In order to facilitate the simplification of obligations, ask the National Institute of Taxation Pass the official compliance visa.

To make him known he is Press release dated May 14th 2021 which provides an account of the salient passages from the memo sent to the members of the Chamber’s Production Activities Committee.

thanks for the Digitization Fulfillment, which is a cost, can be eliminated.

To make sure you have the documents, check through Digital platforms.

Superbonus 110, INT requires to pass an official compliance visa

The super bonus is located 110 percent at the heart INT press release on May 14, 2021.

The institute has a particular focus on the official compliance visa.

In the press release, a note addressed to the members Productive Activities Committee From the room, where the hearings take place on the maximum deduction.

INT emphasizes the need to overcome a commitment Official compliance visa.

In fact, an excerpt from the sent note reads:

“Compliance visas (of a financial nature), which are withdrawn, have only a nominal value and are attributed today to the following professionals: Chartered accountants and business advisors registered in their records, tax advisors registered in the role of experts and tax experts, constitute a cost to the taxpayer or to the general tax.”

The first aspect that was highlighted is who Taxpayer cost And for general taxes.

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The possibility of having one has also been confirmed simplification Through the capabilities that digital offers.

And the observation, in fact, continues with the following words:

“With the advent of document digitization, it no longer has any reason to apply it because it officially certifies documents that already own AF on digital platforms. Digitization should mean greater efficiency and cost savings, and the introduction of a formal tax compliance visa is the exact opposite.”

Indeed, with the goal of combining digitization and simplification, fulfillment can be overcome thanks to the new capabilities available.

Superbonus 110, Official Compliance Visa: Words of President Alemanno

The Simplify obligations It is one of the most common requests from professionals.

As the president of INT points out, the institute has focused on Tax aspects An additional 110 percent visa compliance.

In fact, Alemanno highlights the following:

“It seems to me that the need to simplify the super bonus 110% has been highlighted in many quarters. We do not wish to go into the benefits of technical procedures which, however, according to the companies and professionals involved, should be simplified, we have limited the tax aspect of the obligation to install a visa Official compliance, which would certify the correct existence of the necessary documents for tax benefits. “

The INT National President also announced the thinking process of the same institute:

“We asked ourselves and asked members of the Chamber’s Production Activities Committee, what does digitizing documents mean and sending them on the Palestinian Authority platforms if an official visa is needed to certify their correct presence, when this can be done through the digital platform consultation? Obviously, we have also provided solutions that include Control, however, in the final analysis, a self-certification can be requested from the beneficiary.

In conclusion, Alemanno focused his thinking on the possible Reducing costs, While preserving the general purpose of the provision that introduced the reinstatement decree:

“The official compliance visa produces a cost that is within the advantage of 110%, and it is the responsibility of the general tax, and if it is possible, at least for the visa, to avoid this without changing the benefits, then there is no reason to cancel this requirement. Environmental and safety objectives are shared at 110%. But it can have the same effectiveness and can be exploited more by eliminating some bureaucratic steps. “

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