Superbonus 110%, extended to 2023: work is underway on a simplification

Everything is ready for an extension of the deadline until 2023. The Superbonus program simplifies bureaucracy and encourages subsidies.

Super Bonus 110%
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The Milleproroghe decree was necessary to prolong times on the hotter fronts, especially in terms of bonuses. Among these, however, 110% Superbonus not returned, Subject to various rules and, for the most part, are still being defined. This is also why the government is working to extend the deadline, with the horizon of 2023. The goal is not to encourage use, but to benefit those who choose to enter the (complex) round of tax credit. The two years, in fact, They will be timers To try to simplify procedures and expand the catchment area.

The program takes into account the difficulties faced so far by those who have resorted to facing various technical difficulties. rather, The National Association of Building Builders has also intervened Reds, who explained that many people have found themselves unable to apply. This is due to very narrow bureaucratic ties, especially with regard to double matching of buildings. An issue that also added to some difficulties in reaching the opponent himself.

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Superbonus 110%, Extension Ready: Less Certificates, More Benefits

Certainly not good assumptions which, more than a year after the disposal of Superbonus, has actually slowed work to improve building stock and energy efficiency. Even the request for some testimonials fulfilled the Everest bureaucracy. Some of them took months To reach your destination. The sum total of the problems that prompted the government to consider extending the maximum: two years to adjust the system. Actually less, with the remaining time left to get the most out of the bonus.

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In essence, the extension is serving the government more than users actually. In the coming months we will try to accelerate simplification, in order to deal with already open practices Make life easier for those who open up. Bureaucratic renovation avoids stagnation and, in some cases, abandonment of construction sites. Among the advantages offered, precisely for this purpose, is the presentation of a certificate of conformity alone, which will scroll down the list of technical certificates required for those authorized to certify the requirements for the legality of the property. In practice, time and methods are shortened. What everyone hopes for a little.

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