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And Marina and Pierre gave Silvio Berlusconi a “gift” of 80 million euros. Persilvio withdrew 51 million from his treasury and Marina 29 million from the company it controls. Did they collect cash for personal needs or did they prepare cash to meet any unusual payments within the family group? But why at the same time? At the moment there are no traces of use.

family collectibles

The operation, given its importance, has no recent comparison in the vicinity of Berlusconi’s heirs, but the family’s property assets certainly have plenty of room to support extraordinary profits like those attributed to the eldest son of Fininvest owner and leader Forza Italia. The financial maneuver appears between the lines of the recently submitted financial statements as of September 30, 2022 of Holding Italiana Quarta (Marina) and Holding Italiana Quinta (Pier Silvio), each owning 7.65% of Fininvest..

additional reserves

With the distribution of profits over the years by the “industrial” leader, who has control or large stakes in Mediaset-Mfe, Mondadori, Mediolanum, Monza, etc., the family holding companies have consolidated their reserves. And really In Pier Silvio’s personal company, 51 million has been withdrawn from the extraordinary reserve of 175 million while Marina has withdrawn 29 million from 71 available. Meanwhile, Bersilvio, after collecting an additional 51 million on his account, sent the 2022 earnings of 12.6 million to the reserves and Marina himself with a net 11.6 million as a result of his financial company.

Silvio 90 million

The Italian holdings owned by Silvio Berlusconi (61.3% of the total Fininvest) also presented its financial statements until September 30, 2022 with positive results as expected after a voucher of 150 million distributed by Biscione out of 360 million profit for 2021 H1, for example, made a profit of 29 million (20 in 2021) and distributed 16m to the leader of Forza Italia in 2022, H2 11.7m results and sent as many to Cavaliere as H8 with its 32m earnings. So in the end, the sponsor of the group collected about 90 million. And what do the other three children, Barbara, Eleonora and Luigi gathered in H14 (21.4% of Fininvest) do? We’ll know in late spring, they closed out their financial statements on 12/31.

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