Super Meat Boy author – says Xbox Series S consoles won’t disappoint with next-gen games

Xbox S It’s a very nice car ah It will not disappoint I fool giochi next generation: Tommy Refinis, co-founder of classicism, is convinced Super Dead Boy, Which has proven to value the Microsoft console very much.

Phil Spencer uses it between meetings, and the Xbox Series S is equipped with the same thing Healer For older sister Xbox X Series, SSD is equally fast (albeit half the capacity) but GPU and RAM designed for games at 1080p or 1440p instead of 4K.

When asked if he thought the Xbox Series S would be able to run next-gen games at its best, Ravenis said, “Yeah, I think it will be. Maybe with a few effects, less intense shadows and little details missing. But net that’s having a game that works. 1440p at 60fps is great. ”

“Maybe in 5-8 years the lesser power could make all the difference, but I think at that point the Xbox Series X e PS5 They will be in the final stage of their life cycle, unless they are actually replaced by improved versions over a generation. ”

Among Tommy Refenes’ latest work, there is of course Super Meat Boy Forever, in which he played the lead designer.

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