Super Mario Bros.: The Movie has the highest grossing score by “rotten” at the domestic box office

film Super Mario Bros. take it off the king lion 2019 best domestic film with a “rotten” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Wonderful animated movie global illumination Based on Nintendo It added $9.80 million to the weekend’s domestic box office, for a total of $549.29 million in ticket sales in the United States and Canada, despite having a 59% “rotten” rating from critics on Tomatometer. Mario surpassed Disney’s new live-action The Lion King (“Rotten” by 52%) to become the 14th-highest-grossing film domestically and the highest-grossing film rated “Rotten” on Rotten Tomatoes.

Mario has already passed Minions by Universal and Illumination to become the fourth-highest-grossing animated film of all time and the 23rd-highest-grossing film of all time with $1.239 billion worldwide. (Domestically, Disney and Pixar’s Incredibles 2 is the only highest-grossing animated film: $608.58 million to Mario’s $549.29 million.)

In the list of the fifty highest-grossing films worldwide, other films with “rotten” reviews pass the one billion mark despite poor critical reception: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (47%), Minions (55%), Transformers: Dark of the Moon (33%) and Transformers: Age of Extinction (17%), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (52%), Aladdin from 2019 (57%), Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (51%) and Alice in Wonderland 2010 (51%).

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