Super League vs Uefa, Santa Claus does not exist

Thinking about the rich and poor in this story is a bit like faith Santa Clause: Very romantic, but probably not very useful for understanding reality. Because in this story there are no poor people and it is not a fairy tale. Not even when it appears Sheriff of Tiraspol who wins a championship Madridbecause anyone who wants to see behind the Disney storyline discovers that the sheriff is part of a larger business empire founded by two oligarchs with a dark past, who control not only business but also politics in Transdniesterwhich is a separate area of Moldova who neighborsUkraine linked to politics Kremlin. European football is a business. A business that gives dreams, emotions, and in some cases reasons to live, to millions of Union citizens, but it remains a business. Even those in UEFA know very well that behind the fictional rhetoric they have been very good at changing Champions Its a huge deal and they are not too happy with the idea of ​​someone blowing up the biggest and most profitable football competition in the world. understandable from their point of view.

How understandable that someone thinks that they can make more money from “maximum competition” and wants to try, imagine a global product more in line with international entertainment standards, because the competition to beat it today is more fierce and it is done from video games, streaming platforms and virtual reality And any form of computer entertainment that attracts the attention of new generations and keeps them away from football. The rest is really just rhetoric, starting with ‘merit’, because Premier League It launches a new version of itself, much more open with relegations and promotions, and because it cannot be argued that the current system allows any European club to even dream of a Champions League semi-final. But, even if he was right, theUEFABehind this fight remains a ghost leadingwhich earns four times league Based on Bundesliga and double lega. A gap that will widen more and more with the new financial regulation that allows you to spend 70% of what you earn. Because 70% of the PM will always be massively over 70% of the rest of Europe, doomed to lose champions and competitiveness too quickly. And then, maybe yes, in this story there will be the poor: European clubs.

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