Super Green Pass at the station, the masks remain inside: the decree tomorrow

The Super Green Pass is at the end of the line, even in the workplace for those subject to vaccination obligations. For indoor activities, a basic green certificate (from vaccine, treatment or tampon) will be required and mask wearing will remain mandatory. However, no documents will be needed in the open air anymore. Stop QR codes for mobile or folded posts.

The government is preparing to ease anti-Covid measures. Here are the stages: Today is a control room for the resolution of the last decade and the proposals of the regions gathered at the conference. Cabinet that will reject the decree tomorrow, with a look at the rapidly increasing infections (yesterday there were 85,288 deaths, 180). The data raises the concern of the Chief of Health, Roberto Speranza, who, during yesterday’s meeting in Chigi Palace with Prime Minister Mario Draghi, was going to express some doubts, and put forward the hypothesis of a “protective clause”, which would allow a network of openings. In a short time, if the situation will precipitate.

On the other hand, Europe is also moving with caution. The so-called Freedom Day was scheduled for Sunday 20 in Germany, all measures canceled: it was postponed to a later date due to the increased spread of the virus. While the United States looks with concern at the numbers of the Old Continent, especially those of the United Kingdom (110 thousand infectious) working to dismantle the restrictions.

weekly data. Infection rebounded, now it’s starting to rise again: +33% (and Lazio is growing over 50%)

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by Michel Bucky

Nothing has yet been carved in stone, but the title taken by CEO Draghi sounds like this: Immediately abandon all green certification to eat at tables under the sun or the stars of bars and restaurants, to do outdoor sports, to sit back and watch a movie or show Or a concert or an outdoor game. The green lane will continue until May 1 indoors, but – from public transport, cinemas, clubs, hotels, museums and libraries – the basic lane should be sufficient, also obtained with swab, no longer the only booster. However, the discussion remains open, activity after activity, with particular attention to those most at risk of gatherings. At sunset – and here’s the news from the last few hours – even the enhanced certification of more than 50 years, police forces and workplace educators: antigenic or molecular testing will suffice. However, the obligation to vaccinate officially continues until June 15, with fines and a suspension. The stadiums should be back to 100% (we push for an exception for the national team match on March 24th) while the capacity in the arenas stops at 75%. Also an end to contact quarantine, even for the unvaccinated. The novelty will also relate to schools, where Ffp2 commitment should disappear in favor of surgery.

General Figliolo has already said goodbye to the commissioner. There are two hypotheses: functions can be transferred to structures within health or regions. Farewell also to the Counter-Terrorism Service, but Locatelli and Brusaferro will remain government advisers.
“We are on our way – explained the Undersecretary of Health, Andrea Costa – to return to normal life. We will have a summer without restrictions.”

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“From May across the green corridor inland.” The government seduced another tear

By Michele Bucci and Viola Giannulli

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