Super Cashback, approximately 500 transactions will be required in June

At this rate, it will end on June 30, the day the regular state’s first cashback period will end around 2021. 500 deals Valid for re-entry into a circle 100,000 winners From € 1.500 Super S Cashback. This can be understood by the certainly sustainable growth trend in the number of electronic payments made by anyone at the present time practically winner.

To account Daily average of transactions Necessary, it suffices to calculate the number of transactions made by the user in the position 100,000 and divide it by the number of days that have elapsed since January 1, the start date of the period: if the average is approximately February 1 1.4 Transactions per day, February 15th was about 1.7 per day. Today is still a little higher and The trend is growthAnd, not to diminish, is a sign that more and more Italians are looking for and finding ways to complete very small transactions. To put it in a joke: More and more Italians are turning to “The dark side of cashbackThat from Cunning people who make dozens of transactions To put a few euros of gasoline into the tank.

Super Cashback: Offer effective June 30th

With the numbers registered so far we can do Two hypotheses: a “A reservation” it’s a “violent(However, it could ultimately be equally conservative.) Conservative forecasts predict that the daily average will not grow any further and that as of June 30, it will remain at approximately 1.7 transactions per day. In this case, multiplying 1.7 by the elapsed 180 days of January 1 to June 30, we will start 300-310 transactions.

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On the other hand, the less conservative and more aggressive expectations are taken into consideration Growth trend for daily average Transactions which, if they continue to move at this pace, will arrive at the end of June Between 2.5 and 3 transactions per day. Thus the total number of trades required to reach the position of 100,000 will fluctuate Between 450 and 540.

But even this hypothesis can be even optimistic and the daily average may rise further, and with it, the total number of transactions required as of June 30th to obtain Super Cashback.

Super Cashback: The Rules of Combating Cunning

If the average of transactions rises, it is because more and more Italians decide to do so Micro transactions whenever possible. In a context where micro-transactions Completely legitBecause it was stipulated by the regulatory system that organizes the cash-back program, there is nothing strange in all of this. Rather, the phenomenon is expected to increase, not decrease.

Proposals onBack to orderFelines are not lacking: Tobacco dealers and gas stations They already did several. However, between the proposal and the law there is the sea, and therefore, at the moment there is nothing concrete to confirm that the new government is You changed the cashback rules To counter these behaviors.

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