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Sunak is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

After the end more short british government history, Getting out of Les Truss From the gates of Downing Street gave way to the election of former Finance Minister to Boris JohnsonThe small It’s more rich Westminster MP, Rishi Sunak. Married to the daughter of an Indian billionaire, the Southampton MP has taken the lead in the race to lead the Conservative Party and the UK, following the retirement of Boris Johnson, who rushed back from the Caribbean after Truss resigned.

Although he has support 60 deputies Conservatives, said former Prime Minister Johnson ‘I still have a lot to offer’ But this will not be “The Right Moment” Back to lead the country, as mentioned above Reuters. In fact, Johnson simply preferred Get out of the challenge with dignitywithout having to face a crushing defeat against his archenemy, given that in a few days, Sunak has already won the support of 150 parliamentariansmore than double Johnson.

choose him Direct Challenger, Penny Mordaunt, The lack of accountability effectively handed over the leadership of the party and the role of the Prime Minister to Sunak.

Looks like it lasted longer than Lee’s Truss lettuce

The British Prime Minister resigned after just six weeks in office, becoming Prime Minister with the shortest term in UK history and missing the challenge with lettuce.

Al-Sanak case

During his first ministerial position to Johnson, Sanll is considered by many to be responsible for the downfall of his government. Born in Southampton on May 12, 1980, to parents Yashvir and Usha Sunak, General Practitioner and Pharmacist respectively, he is originally from East Africa with roots in Punjab, India. Sunak, the eldest of three children, attended the prestigious Stroud School in Hampshire and Winchester College, then studied politics, philosophy and economics at Lincoln College, Oxford, and worked as an analyst at an investment bank. Goldman Sachs Akshata Murthy married the daughter of billionaire Narayana Murthy “Steve Jobs of India”.

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Sunak is the richest MP in Westminster and has become responsible for the UK’s economic policy Under 40 years old. If his young and world class profile had made him lose Previous Challenge Versus the more traditional of Les TrussSo far, there seems to be no one better than him to lead the British Conservative Party. In particular, they are his economic vision of financial conservatism opposing excessive public spending and carbon tax To reduce carbon dioxide emissions2 To make him a candidate who would oppose Truss’s short legacy and be appreciated by his party colleagues.

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