Summer offers from 4 euros per month, between gigabytes and minutes

Summer has begun and with it countless mobile phone deals. All operators in the sector are ready for battle.

smart phone
smart phone

The Best Our smartphone offers come as always with the summer. The new, low-cost operators are willing to battle it out trying to win as many customers as possible with really great offers. As well as the biggest and most famous directors The Iliad, WindTre, Vodafone Tim also aims to gain new customers with really incredible offers, below the best July offers for less than 10 euros per month to sign up.

I managers Low cost are often owned by the same big name mobile phones, in fact, they almost always offer deals that go to Satisfaction The usual requests of users, who are always looking for free calls and SMS and above all for an amount of data to be exchanged for a more than satisfactory web connection. Among these we find very mobilefrom the brand WindTre, presented it on the basis of the origin of the new client, in a clear reference to the previous manager.

Very mobile 50 GB at a cost of €5.99 per month for arrivals from Iliad, Fastweb, CoopVoce and other virtual operators, 100 GBInstead, the cost is 6.99 euros per month. With a new activation number, 50GB goes instead to €5.99 per month while 100 GB for 7.99 euros.

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Mobile: the best summer deals under 10 euros

Postemobile, a popular mobile phone brand of Poste Italiane, has presented the offer until July 4th Cream Wow 30 GB For 4.99 € per month, with 30 GB of traffic in 4G + with a transfer of up to 300 Mbps, additionally attributed to him Unlimited minutes and SMS. Activation costs 20 euros with 10 euros for traffic. Kena mobile instead offers a 50GB offer with 7.99€ per month with speeds up to 30 Mbps. The cost of activating the new chip is 4.99 euros.

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I got the mobile 100 GB Alternatively, those from the Iliad may take part in it, PosteMobile, Fastweb and other virtual operators, a €9.9999 per month, with no activation fee.

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Another interesting brand is sposu, with offers ready to meet any request related to Minutes And text messages to use, with prices starting from 4 € per month up to 6 € per month for the best offer, truly a summer full of offers. The promotion battle has just begun.

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