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As the 2022 finals between Virtus Bologna and Olympia Milan are about to kick off, on the horizon She received the news from the purest talent in Italian basketball: Nico Magnion.

Black V guard point actually, as I mentioned before PrealpinaAt the beginning of July, they can travel to the United States to compete Summer League 2022, with the desire to get back in the game and then return in the fall to be part of the NBA franchise roster.

Something that actually aired at the beginning of May, but is now more popular and it should be Within a context, at the beginning of September, he should lead Manion to be part of Italy for new coach Gianmarco Pozzico for the European Championship 2022.

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Will the class of 2001 be able to bring together all the things on the agenda? Meanwhile, many teams from the most famous basketball league in the world are following this with interest, also because of the MannionAfter the limited experience at Golden State, that could now be the case for many teams ready to wow in 2022-2023.

Photo: M.Ceretti / Ciamillo-Castoria

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