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The pandemic has stopped everything for a long time. After three years off, they’re finally ready to get back on the scene. With more enthusiasm and energy than before. Make people dance and jump, make them sing at the top of their lungs and have fun without brakes: in this spirit you will experience “summer” in Varese. Montunite Festival, Rugby Sound Festival, Mega Association, Woodo Fest and Varese Summer Festival: these are some of the most popular festivals in the province of Varese and beyond.

As Franco Battiato sang in his famous song, Summer in Varese (and beyond) “He wants to see us dance”. Between live concerts and stage performances, there’s only one password: fun (no brakes). After a forced hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the region’s much-anticipated music festivals and entertainment events are finally back. Willing to welcome thousands of spectators who can’t wait to dance, raise their hands to the sky and sing their hearts out again.

Monnight Festival

DJ Prezioso, DJ Mollella, DJ Fargetta, Don Joe from Club Dogo, the well-known Italian hip-hop group, Meganoides, originally from Genoa. These are just some of the famous artists who have graced the stage over the years Monnight Festival. Born in 2010 from Fa Csi in Montonate, the village of just over 1,000 people, during the summer evenings of the music festival, has managed to gather twice its population. From reproducing cover bands, to nationally and internationally famous DJs: Montonight manages to get people of all ages dancing and jumping. From fifteen to fifty. For this ninth edition, the festival is back in great shape, offering two very different evenings. The first will host “Gigi l’altro”. In the style of the 90s, he will replay the most famous musical performances of Gigi D’Agostino. The second evening, however, will have a respected star: DJ Jad, the famous Italian disc jockey, known for founding Rule 31 in the ’90s with J-Axe. Not just music, fun and good food. Montonite donates all proceeds from the event to charity each year. Resources this year will be allocated to public speaking spaces for renewal and to the project “The Economuseum of Visconti Plants of Varesotto,” an initiative aimed at strengthening the area.

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Monnight Festival July 14 and 15, 2023

Rugby Sound Festival

He is instinctively eclectic and for more than twenty years has been offering his audience music for all tastes: from rock to punk, from reggae to ballads, from techno to metal, from hip hop to singer-songwriter music. A true celebration of live music, which in recent editions has gathered up to 60,000 visitors. The protagonist of these compliments is Rugby Sound Festival, on the castle island of Legnano. Born in 1999, as the closing leg of the rugby season, it has its roots in the sport. From a simple ‘mass party’, the festival is now one of the most eagerly awaited summer events with live music, not only in the province of Milan, Varese and surrounding areas, but all over Lombardy. Over the years many Italian and international artists have taken to the stage: Skunk Anansie, The Hives, The Darkness, Planet Funk, Subsonica, Bluvertigo, Ziggy Marley, Irama, Gemitaiz, Max Pezzali. The 2023 edition sold out, one month after its debut, for Teenage Dream’s Evening with the Finleys and for the highly anticipated return of Sfera Ebbasta. Among the stars this year: Article 31, Psalm and Nitro, Boomdabash, Luchè + Geolier, Cristina D’Avena with Gem Boy.

Rugby Sound Festival
July 3: Rondodasosa, Neima Ezza, Medy, Neza, Artie5ive
July 4th: Article 31 – Opening of Wlady’s Law
July 5thkisa: I want to go back to the nineties
July 6th: Sphere Abasta
July 7th: psalm + nitro
July 8thBoumedbache:
July 9th: Luchè + Geolier

Woodo Fest

Born as a challenge between Mattia Campagnoni and some members to test their organizational skills, the Woodo Festival is one of the province’s most anticipated ‘secret’ summer events. Located in the concert district of Cassano Magnago, since 2015, with the help of the cultural association “Le Officine”, the festival welcomes thousands of spectators every year for 4 days ready to enjoy the music. And not only. The presence of areas used as exhibition space for local artists, antique markets, and arcade games makes Woodoo an ideal place for those who are eager to experience new forms of entertainment and fun. Over the years, there have been many artists who have found a launching pad for their success on the Cassano Magnago stage: from Coma_Cose, who participated this year in the Sanremo Festival, to the Varese rapper Massimo Garanzia, who in January 2024 will perform at the Assago Forum. Woodoo is fertile ground for anyone who wants to launch a promising career and bring something special to the stage. With this desire for renewal, Mattia, Creative Director of the event, has enlivened the Cassano Magnago concert area with creative themes open to music scenes from all over the world. This year, in fact, there will be musical stars from foreign countries such as Germany, France and the United States, for a series of evenings that will make the audience dance to the sounds of live music, but above all, DJ sets.

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Woodo Fest 20, 21, 22, 23 July 2023

Varese Summer Festival

In its first edition, Varese Summer Festival Offering a calendar of high-impact events, evenings range from theatrical performances to musical tributes. The festival, which will take place in the gardens of the Palazzo Estense, prepares to welcome more than 1,700 people from all over Italy, ready to discover the beauty of the garden, but above all, the hospitality and entertainment that the Varese region can boast. With the scheduled schedule, anyone will be able to find an evening that reflects their tastes: in fact, the calendar will host the names of artists among the most popular at the moment on its stage. To open the dances will be the artist, author and singer Drusilla Foer, who will present her concert “Elegansissima”. Then it will be the turn of two musical evenings, first with a concert by the famous composer and musician Goran Bregović, then with the performance of “Alice Canta Battiato”, a musical tribute in the voice of Alice, conducted by Carlo Gaitoli and with the Italian Philharmonic. solitaire. The Etensi Gardens Theater will welcome comedian couple Katia Follesa and Angelo Pisani with their show I Can Explain to You. Continuing the musical direction, Stefano Bollani, a pianist and composer known all over the world, will entertain the audience with a piano. Live from Virgin Radio Rock Radio, radio journalist Paula Mogheri will talk about Phil Palmer’s 50-year career, with instrumental interludes by the guitarist himself on “PP 50 The Sessioman”. Closing the festival to the tunes of the most famous rock and soundtracks, there will be two unforgettable musical tributes: Morricone’s cinematic history and Pink Floyd’s history.

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Varese Summer Festival
July 19th: Drusilla Foer – Summer 2023 Tour
July 20th: Goran Prijovi? – at a concert
July 21st: you were with me – Alice Canta Battiato
July 25th: Katia Vollisa and Angelo Pisani – I can show you!
July 27th: Stefano Polani – Solo Piano
July 28th: Phil Palmer and Paola Maugeri – Pp50 Session Man
July 29th: History of Morricone – with Symphony Orchestra
July 30th: The History of Pink Floyd – Dark Side Orchestra

Mega Association

It is not possible to talk about music festivals in Varese without mentioningMega Association. Spring, summer, fall and winter parties: these are some of the events that liven up mega evenings throughout the year. She is famous in the Bayzat, where she was born twenty years ago, of course, but not only. They come from all over the province of Varese, from Milan and Como to take part in a party organized by the League. After a forced stop by Covid last year, thanks to the spirit of dozens of young people, all under the age of thirty, the association has given itself a second chance. With the first party organized last spring, they tested people’s spirits. From that moment on, Mega is back on track with the summer event that ended a few days ago, which will be followed soon by other dates already under consideration and scheduled. On Halloween?

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