Sugar warning: If you exceed this dose, then this is the end, you risk ending up in the hospital

It is known that today’s diet is much less healthy than it was a few centuries ago. We are overwhelmed with junk food and sugars everywhere.

According to a study conducted in United kingdomIs there a connection between Consumption of so-called free sugars and heart disease. what does that mean? This means that if you exceed the obtained dose by a specified percentage, you risk your life.

You must not exceed a certain percentage of sugar –

By free sugars, we mean those sugars added to the recipebut it should not be underestimated either It is found naturally in honey and fruit juices. They are called “free” because they are not compensated for by the presence of fiber thus They enter our bodies more easily. It should be very limited, because its excessive consumption is not good for our health. Recent research published in BMC Medicines, Highlight the effect of free sugars on cardiovascular health

Research the study concerned It was based on data from the UK Biobank It included more than 110,000 people who completed at least two nutritional assessments. The researchers monitored the participants for more than 9 years, and concluded that total cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke combined), heart disease, and stroke occurred in 4188, 3138, and 1124 participants. Scientists have proven this “High intake of sugar-free foods such as sugary drinks, fruit juices, and sweets has been associated with an increased risk of all cardiovascular disease outcomes.”

The percentage of sugars that should not be exceeded

At this point, it is clear that special attention must be paid to the quality, rather than the amount of sugar consumed Because every 5% increase in total energy intake from free sugars led to a 7% increase in cardiovascular disease. This means that a change of course in the global diet is necessary and that the consumption of free sugars must be reduced Less than 5% of the total daily energy.

Instead, we can play it safe with non-free sugars, Which as experts explained “Those naturally found in whole fruits and vegetables — and a higher fiber intake may help protect against cardiovascular disease.”

There are free and non-free sugars –

At this point we just have to think about our eating habits. as he read Nutrition expert Mark Ciambutta He suggested cutting out sugar from packaged foods and choosing foods that contain it Less than 6g of sugar per 100g. From this we can exclude honey (or maple syrup), jam and dark chocolate at least 85%.

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