Suffer 2000 Euros via text message

In Inveruno, a 61-year-old man was the victim of a computer scam due to a fake SMS on his mobile phone. Let’s see what happened.

Mobile police scam SMSIn Inveruno, in the province of Milan, a 61-year-old man fell victim to a computer fraud whose target of nearly 2,000 euros disappeared from the checking account due to a fake text message.

As the system runs, the man received, on his mobile phone, a text message informing him of a problem with the bank transfer. In fact, the SMS reads: “To solve the error click on this link.”

Due to the mastery of the letter drawings that were identical to the letter he usually received from the credit institution, the man had no doubts and thus clicked on the indicated link.

In a very short time, his mobile phone rang and a landline phone number appeared on the screen with the city area code of the bank branch in which he opened a checking account.

The man answered the call and on the other end, according to the victim, was a highly qualified person pretending to be a branch employee.

The fake employee asked the man: “I only ask you for courtesy, you should only indicate the code number with which you made the transfer.”

The 61-year-old, without any hesitation, filled out the required amount in full and at his end the phone call was cut off.

what happened after that?

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Computer fraud: how much money went

It was only when the streak broke that the 61-year-old became suspicious, thus logging into the banking house.

The man noticed that he had just left his checking account Immediate transfer of € 1,800 to a foreign account.

The man realized, given the failed attempts to call the employee number that was not there, that he had been scammed.

The victim reported everything that had happened to the Milan Postal Police, who, according to the man, reported that a gang specializing in computer crime was going to commit the crime.

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