Suez, seized Evergreen. Egypt requests $ 1 billion in compensation –

Yesterday, the Egyptian Ismaili Court authorized the confiscation of the container ship Ever Geffen, which On March 23, they struck the Suez Canal Crippling commercial traffic for about a week. The Canal Authority demanded that the ship’s owners be compensated for nearly one billion dollars, a compensation the company has so far refused to pay. The Evergreen River still stands in the Suez Canal anchored within the Bitter Lakes, basins located midway between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Court decision

The Canal Authority turned to the court, complaining that the traffic barrier caused a loss of about $ 15 million per day in the loss of road rights. Additionally, there are costs incurred for dredging and grounding a 400m container ship; The latter, which was set aside by strong winds, completely blocked the passage of other ships and ended up sliding to the front of the sand. According to Bloomberg, the consequences of the accident are still being felt today on planetary sea traffic with a slowdown in departures at the ports of Singapore and Rotterdam.

Order details

The news of the compensation claim was confirmed by the English company P&I, Ever Given; In detail, the order is valued at $ 916 million. On April 12, an offer was made to the Suez Canal Company to close the dispute and we regret the resulting decision to seize the ship. However, the owner of the ship did not comment on the request, only informing him that negotiations were still ongoing with the Suez authorities. Egypt reaffirmed that the ship would remain stable until compensation was paid. Even the crew is currently stuck on board. According to the specialized agencies, the figure of 916 million includes lost revenue from the right of passage, expenses incurred to save the ship and up to 300 million due to damage to the image.

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