Suda51 met with Marvel to discuss a new superhero game –

Goichi Suda (also known as Suda51), author of No More Heroes and Killer7 and founder of Grasshopper Manufacture, said he had meetings with Marvel Studios To discuss the possible realization of new game Based on superheroes.

Japan’s Automaton had the opportunity to interview Suda51 and five other employees of Grasshopper Manufacture. Among the various topics covered, the studio’s future plans, which include publishing three games over the next 10 years, were also discussed.

“The first thing we’ll do is create a new IP address,” says Suda51. “So far, we’ve often worked with publishers who own the intellectual property rights and have been given the budget to create games for commission. This is often the case for independent studios. But going forward, we’d like to create Three new IP addressesAnd spread them one by one.”

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However, among the wishes of the visionary director, there is also a desire to make a game based on the Marvel universe, like Deadpool. A dream that can come true, in the words of Suda51.

“However, we also said that we’d like to generate IP addresses based on original and interesting work, if any. I think it depends on the discussions we’re having with Marvel Studios. If they come up with something good, we’ll think about it. I’m sorry, I said on the On the contrary, I was joking.”

“But we have some confrontations with Marvel and We talked about being able to work together on something. We hope that the magic of video games will help fuel this opportunity.”

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In short, at the moment there is nothing official, but the potential game signed by Grasshopper Manufacture is a hypothesis that should not be ignored at all.

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