Submarine disappeared in Indonesia, wreck found. Authorities: “sunk” –

Indonesian submarine Nanggala, It disappeared between Java and Bali With 53 sailors on board, the country’s authorities found it at an altitude of 850 meters below sea level. In the last few hours, when the alarm went off, The aim of the searches He is immediately directed to the crew members who will soon be in oxygen debt. On the morning of Saturday, April 24th, news arrived that Nanggala had been tracked thanks to the examination More than 400 Indonesian soldiers have been prepared to take part in the research. The wreck was also found confirming the submarine sinking and putting an end to the family’s hopes. The authorities explained that the car may have crashed by pressure, but no evidence of an explosion was found.

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I found some crew members

The search is now focused on recovering the vehicle, which according to rescue workers has not had oxygen since the morning resulting in the deaths of all the people on board. Crew status cannot be determined yet. Rescuers said, as they continued their searches in the sea area off Bali where the submarine sank. Meanwhile, various confirmations of debris and objects, such as some, are found Gear oil bottles and prayer rugs Belong to the crew. With this evidence we found, “We have gone from disappearance to confirming that the submarine sank,” said Indonesian Navy Commander Yudo Margono.. The car was tracked to a depth (850 meters) it could not bear, in fact the maximum reach was 500 meters.

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Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency

Search help from USA and Singapore

A US P-8 Poseidon reconnaissance plane landed in the search area to join the 20 Indonesian ships and an Australian warship equipped with sonar devices and four Indonesian aircraft. More rescue ships are expected to depart from Singapore. Indonesia is a good friend and strategic partner. We were deeply saddened to see the reports about their submarine – He told the BBC Pentagon spokesman John Kirby – Our thoughts and prayers are with the Indonesian sailors, the Indonesian Navy, and of course all of their families.

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