Stroppa is at the top, but promotion and redemption is the prerogative of Var

TheThe sign of fate. The one who owes Crotone at Monza in the 95th minute and shoots the Stropba is at the top of the standings. Five years on the Ionian Sea did not become an obstacle for Barberis, who claimed victory and priority. However, the Calabrians are shouting for a penalty not awarded by Paterna, a decision Mazzolini confirmed at Var No Yes No But. The crushing exit of Di Gregorio in 96 minutes does not penalize the whistle of Tiramo who did not detect any “damage caused”, because the Brianza goalkeeper sweeps the ball (before) and the opponent (after). Modesto is too bad for us, Crotone honored the uneven competition at the U-Power Stadium with pride. But losing in the fifth minute of the 6-minute recovery, and claiming a penalty kick, is unbearable. On the other hand, Stroppa, another major in the fray, celebrates and can’t turn around because A’s opponents are not given a respite. Lecce is well aware that she is suffering but has power against what remains of the regurgitation of Parma’s greatness able to fight on equal terms with Salento without being able to dissuade her. Yes, because Baroni doesn’t fight and that’s okay. The fourth straight draw makes president Sticchi Damiani hilarious as usual with a lady in the stands, while Lucioni & C. 2,000 fans applaud at “Tardini” alongside their favorite team. Priceless!
Regina’s heart owned by President Luca Gallo is also beating hard, with no intention of succumbing to the economic and health difficulties that bothered him. In fact, he relaunched a project that Stellone had straightened out by putting a great back team on its feet before abandoning itself in the inevitable decline. And in fact, he tried to get back into the fight for the playoffs. On the other hand, Cosenza seems to have a bitter fate. The fifth wood of the season (two at Granello) owes Rossoble to the Calabria Derby. Bisolone lacks a penalty that Giua does not have, only after being summoned to Var to make sure contact between Amione and Laura is not punished with the maximum penalty. Doubts remain, for the Silans family.
However, there is no “fuss” in Frosinone’s statement on the bewildered and distracted Benevento. The Lazio players, already in the first leg, are still indigestible for the Samnites who, in their historic first year, fulfilled their unimaginable true dreams of glory, forcing Ciociari to the final matches with finite success. But fortunately for the witch, the ending this time has yet to be written. Today it comes down to stiff competition with Pecchia and D’Angelo lurking at the top.

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