Strong Contrasts Between Initiative and Crystal Dynamics, by Jez Corden –

We keep talking about it total darkness In the wake of the somewhat jerky attitude of the initiative, as emerged from some rumors published yesterday by VGC, while jeez cordon Adds elements that speak clearly Contrasts between Initiative and Crystal Dynamics in project management

We saw yesterday that nearly half of the initiative’s central developers left the team and project, including several important defections such as the game director, and some other details coming out of Jez Corden, a journalist at Windows Central who has always been very close to the fields. from Microsoft.

According to reports from Corden and Miles Dombier during their recent podcast, there have been some stark inconsistencies about how Project Perfect Dark is run, specifically in terms of business organizationwhich would then lead to a mass exodus of a large part of the original team.

They were basically Two conflicting lines of thought On the initiative: a group that focused on the continued expansion of the team to be able to manage all areas of the game and another group aimed instead at keeping the team small and assigning a lot of work to supporting the teams.

It seems clear that the second line of thought won out in the end, which was specifically related to the idea of ​​getting Support a high caliber team Like Crystal Dynamics.

This idea was also associated with the organization of work that was determined from the very beginning of the initiative, which had to avoid the crisis in every way through linear management of the workload, which made it more difficult to manage everything in terms of time.

Basically, great external support was necessary so that you wouldn’t experience excessively long development times, given the small size of the team and Prepare to not resort to a crisisbut the whole thing generated several tensions, according to the reporter/insider.

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