Striscia la Notizia: The Broken Screen Investigation

How much does it cost to fix a broken smartphone screen? Almost like buying a new one, but here’s what happens

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spelling program stripping news, launched a new hashtag. #dirittodiriparare, Mediaset-Driven IT Expert, Marco Camisani Calzolari. The hashtag is important for those who intend to repair their smartphone or broken tech stuff.

stripping news He often emphasized many issues of interest to ordinary citizens, such as Phone scam that puts us at risk momentarily. As for breaking any electronic device, that is the reason why the satirical news is interested in this topic.

What if you have a broken screen

How much does it cost to repair a small portion of tablets, smartphones, laptops, and more? It is almost worthwhile to buy a new device directly, but practically leaving the house is one that works perfectly. Here’s how things could get better.

Kamisani Kalzulari specifically explains: “Once everything was fixed. If today the screen breaks down, it is very difficult to fix it, the quote for a repair is almost equivalent to buying a new screen. And on a smartphone, yes breaks screenIf you try to fix it outside the official channels, often functions like facial recognition stop responding or the mobile phone no longer works directly. This is because some parts have a unique serial number associated with each individual piece.”

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Real harm to those who let their cell phones fall, their accounts close at hand. In the United States, something very important is already changing. From 2022 it will be possible to order the piece from the parent company, e Repair it yourself. In Europe, at the moment, all this was not yet expected, as the expert on the Canale 5 news program explained, because European regulations only interfered with washing machines, refrigerators and even on TV screens, but not for laptops. For this reason, we really need to be heard. It comes out of our pockets. What do you think that?

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