Strengthening Villages: A partnership signed between 6 municipalities, and here’s which one

Signing of a partnership between six municipalities of the Cilento to strengthen the territory: the municipalities of Rocadaspeed, Bellosguardo, Castelcivitta, Magliano Vetere, Monteforte Cilento and Sant’Angelo a Fasanella Signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at establishing a partnership to implement the project called Monti Alburni, Vesole, Rupi del Calore. Cilento’s inner experiences, paths and traditions”.

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The lead institution for the project, a candidate for regional funding, has been identified in the municipality RockadaSpeed.

The initiative aims to promote the development of tourism to make the region grow in all its aspects: civil, cultural, social and ethical.

The selected funding line is the Poc Campania 2014-2020 line. Urban renewal, tourism policies and culture.

A path in synergy to enhance cultural heritage

The municipal administrations of the listed entities have shown their interest in participating in a single process to enhance the cultural, natural, food and wine heritage of the reference area to give life to an integrated system capable of launching economic development starting from the promotion. And networking of resources that every region can be proud of.

In practice, real itineraries will be organized and created through the different municipalities, enriched by a wide offer of experiences linked, in fact, not only to food and wine, but also to leisure.

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