Street lighting charging? The Italian solution is there, but…

It’s not just London, Berlin, Valencia or Locarno that are experimenting with recharging in streetlights: Demos Fuochi, together with its Italian company AZeco, has designed and built a system to enable the public lighting network to be recharged. We’ve talked about it many times. And we, like him, still wonder why no public administration has stepped forward to test it. Send your questions to [email protected]

AZeco street lamp recharging system

streetWeak editorial board, I refer to the article published under the name: A Locarno recharges from the street lamps: here…? Where one of your readers asks why the technology of recharging from street lamps has not yet started in Italy.

The technology is already there and I am attaching a brief brochure with the electrical schematic diagram of the project which has also been patented as a new feasibility idea using underground cables for general lighting, which are inactive during the day, with single phase or relative phase. Three-phase electrical panels for power supply, even in the evening and at night, for LED street lamps and gas discharge lamps.

AZeco owns the project but no municipality has come forward

In recent years, almost all recharging station manufacturers have developed the concept of removing power from their systems for multiple recharging of several cars, so this technology can also be used when street lights start to turn on in the evening, thus continuing to charge throughout the night, with lower power output, Electric cars are already connected or will be connected.

Devices designed by AZeco to enable recharging in street lights

to go on a date We fail to cooperate with any company From the electrical department that gives power to the city lights, to recharging tests, if not one A seven-month field trial in the province Pescara Where one of our clients operated the cameras using the existing poles as supports since a 300m excavation, as well as being costly, would involve breaking tree roots in a responsible way.

We as a company are convinced that the widespread use of electric vehicles, especially small city cars, should Passing underground cables Of course it will also be necessary to create one later Executive standard Based on Power number between lighting and charging.

We are sure that our introduction to the topic of refilling will arouse the right curiosity. Demo fires

A mix of slow street reloads, including streetlights

Answer- Dear Demo, us I totally agree with herAnd she knows it. shipping network solution that Make the most of what is already there (grids and supports for chargers) is the only possible option, given the mass spread of electric mobility even in large cities, where Vehicles stay on the road even at night.

AZeco has taken advantage of these needs and designed them. compliments.

can be combined by additional infrastructure style Delivery city Launched by A2A Company. or whoRepacking plantsIn the large parking lots of the semi-periphery, as suggested by Alessandro Duoto. And as it seems to do already SME supermarket chain Not only in Pordenone.

Indeed, Francesco Boescher tells us that “smyself to San Donna to Piaf brings a column to Recharge at each kiosk in your parking lotAt this point, with HPC charging on major traffic routes and on the highway, and a combination of fast poles, slow night charging on the street and wall boxes in all garages, electric mobility really could be for everyone. Purchase prices allow.

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