Streamer on Twitch finishes the game blindfolded in 4½ hours –

Sekiro’s shadow dies twice It is a great game and different from the previous FromSoftware games that is why it is very popular among the fans. Even today, while we wait for the Elden Ring, players try their hand at various establishments with Miyazaki’s work. Michris, streamer TwitchHe completed the match with the Shura and finished in 4 and a half hours and a little more. privacy? I did that Blindfolded.

As you can see in the clip at the beginning of the news, Twitch Streamer finished the game completely blindfolded and, therefore, relies solely on sound indicators To understand where it was and in what direction it is heading. Other excerpts from his mission with Sekiro are also available on Twitch, demonstrating his abilities.

In some cases, Michris used the sword to search for walls and surfaces to use as a reference point. Even the voices of enemies and gods Video clips They proved useful in understanding whether or not he had reached his destination. Obviously, not everything was always going in the right direction: sometimes he fell on deaf ears and in some cases, not understanding which direction he was going anymore, he had to go back to the checkpoint and start over. Anyway, also given the complexity of Sekiru’s clashes, this is a fascinating task.

Fortunately, Sekiro uses a lot of unique sounds to attack enemies, especially special ones, so Twitch Streamer was able to tell when to attack, use parry, or skills. It is clear that he used multiple beings to his advantage to gain all possible advantages and counterbalance his own blindness. the Boss finale He was defeated (the Shura, of course) in the second attempt. Below you can have a very intense moment: the second stage against the Guardian Monkey.

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We also point out that while waiting for Elden Ring, the user beats Sekiro’s last boss every day.

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