Stray is the game that has been repeatedly put on Steam’s wishlist right now, even beating out The Day Before –

According to SteamDB data, stray It took the place of The Day Before as a game that has been set over and over again Steam WishlistAt the time of writing this news.

stray He was previously in second place, so he wasn’t far from the top of the rankings. It is now basically the most popular and anticipated PC title on Steam. Besides the fact that people are simply interested in Stray, there is likely another reason why he was able to acquire The Day Before.

yesterday It was recently delayed until 2023, due to a shift in development to Unreal Engine 5. More important, however, is the fact that Fntastic appears to be using unpaid volunteers to help develop The Day Before – and that has led to some negative publicity.


Fantastic He explained that “the word ‘voluntary’ comes from the Latin word ‘Voluntarius’, which means ‘of his own choice'”. He then explained that there are two types of volunteers: “internal full-time (employee) volunteers” from all over the world and “US and external (support) volunteers assisting with testing” using Fntastic products.

Fantastic He also explained that he hired a localization team last year, Propnight, but said that “the result of their work has not been perfect.” As a result, “most of it had to be redesigned with the help of our enthusiastic volunteers.”

So it’s possible that some players didn’t like it and we removed the previous day from our wish list, which made it easier stray become the first. However, it should be noted that Stray also beats highly anticipated games such as Silksong, Party Animals, and Starfield 3rd, 4th, and 5th, respectively.

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