Stranger Things V, a welcome surprise that restores hope to all fans: an ad to make your skin crawl

An animated series set in the Stranger Things universe has been announced –

While all fans are waiting for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, a welcome surprise comes: an animated spin-off is in production. At the moment, there is not much information on this subject. To produce the series, we find the Duffer brothers, creators of the evacuated series on Netflix.

Going through a phase as chaotic and revolutionary as the lockdown phase, people all over the world have brought something totally innovative with them. The drastic changes that occurred while we were forced to stay indoors due to the Covid-19 pandemic persisted and never left us. Some things, in fact, you had even thought of before.

Some say the pandemic has condensed technological and social developments into a few months that would have taken years to unfold. Just think For our relationship with entertainment content that we have developed in recent years. Streaming platform services have conquered us and rightly become a part of our routine habits. Netflix, among other things, has managed to present a series of original products that have truly become symbols of the global community. Example? Lucky Stranger Things case.

A job has been announced for an animated show of Stranger Things

This TV series manages to recreate a mixture of Goosebumps-style calls Halfway between the horror series and training. Carefully selected settings that see the backdrop of the United States in the 1980s, then, have experienced an already evident trend in different regions. The result was Stunning successas fans experience a kind of agonizing anticipation From the fifth and final season release Stranger Things, which is Expected in 2024.

So the fifth season of Stranger Things will not be the last content we will see in this cinematic universe –

Meanwhile, good news has arrived for all fans: There will be spin-offs. will be about Animated series set in the Stranger Things universe which will see the same executive producers Ross and Matt Dover who created the series. It is not known when the works will end, given the lack of information at the moment. However, it is known that too The animation style should remind us of cartoons from the 80s.

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