Stranger Things: Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill Ranked #1 in the UK in 37 years | Television

Weird things allowed the song Running over this hill to become the song #1 in the ranking One of the UK’s best-selling songs 37 years after its release.

The Dover brothers’ musical selection made the song recognizable to new generations, considering that many spectators weren’t even born in 1985, and so Kate Bush set new records by being the oldest woman to reach the top of the charts and cementing the primacy of the longer time period needed for the song to become #1, even beating the competition from Wham’s Last Christmas! Which had taken first place in January 2021.
The artist has also beaten Tom Jones in the length of time since his first single, Wuthering Heights, hit the charts.
Running that hill, 37 years ago, he stopped in third.

The song is also listened to 575,000 times per day on Spotify in the UK and more than 6 million times globally.

The fourth season of Weird things It is available on Netflix with Part One and on July 1 with Part Two.

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source: Watchman

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