Stop Unwanted Phone Calls: Is the tipping point near?

If promises are not broken, the tipping point may be near Unwanted phone calls that you receive on your smartphone every day. By the end of the month, according to Corriere della Sera, the new regulation could already be in effect, which would broaden the application of Public Register of Objections, and also convert the same functions to mobile numbers.

New Public Register of Objections

In short, a tipping point because it would mean that the state would do what is now possible only by installing special filter apps on key numbers that the community has flagged as spam. “In a few weeks, the new regulation will be activated in the opposition registry, and extended to include automated calls, without operators and on mobileWith these words the confirmation will come from Simon BaldeleyChairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Consumer Protection, completed by the confirmation of the Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Gilberto Piccito Fratine: “It was previously agreed on the organizational proposal to receive opinions and then move to the Council of Ministers for deliberation and then to the President of the Republic.“.

RPO is now available with a special official site Which lists its definition, functions and opportunities:

Public Register of Objections […] It is a free user service that allows you to oppose the use of the phone numbers you own and the postal addresses associated with them, contained in public lists, for advertising purposes, by operators carrying out marketing activities by telephone and / or paper mail. With the RPO, it is possible to prevent the processing of personal data, contained in public telephone directories, by operators who use these directories to carry out telemarketing and / or paper mail activities. The opposition does not revoke the validity of consents for communications for commercial purposes, issued directly by users to individual companies, without prejudice to the right of opposition in accordance with Art. 21 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. […] By telephone subscriber we mean the user – or any natural person, legal person, organization or association – who owns a telephone number found in public telephone directories. In order not to receive unsolicited commercial communications, the subscriber can object to the processing of his data, carried out by phone and / or paper mail, by registering his / her phone number in the RPO free of charge.

Of particular importance is the fact that The new record must cancel all previous approvals, to become an essential reference for expressing the user’s desires. In short, Tabula rasa: Previous consents become fragile in the presence of the new registry and the latter will take precedence over any rights previously acquired by telemarketing agencies. Thus, any promotional initiative over the phone will have to interact with the registry from now on, relying solely on the list of users who did not preemptively request exclusion.

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Everything changes not only when mobile numbers enter the new registry, but also when there is complete clarity about the possibilities available for telemarketing, connecting them with their potential responsibilities.

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