Stop the green lane for those who work: what changes from April 1

No more commitment to show green lane To work if you are under 50 years old. This restriction will be lifted from 1 April. A different letter, however, to above 50. The latter will be required to show the green certificate until June 15.

The Ministry of Labor’s memorandum prut. 2003/2022 provided clarifications on the green passport and participation in activities related to citizenship income. Since last October 15, the Green Corridor has been a necessary tool to get to work. As mentioned Italy todayMinistry with a note n. 8526/2021 had already specified that the green certificate also applies to recipients of citizenship income who participate in PUC, which are projects beneficial to the community. However, since last February 15, the regulation has been changed according to the age of the worker. In fact, for all those under 50, it was enough to show the basic green passage, which could be obtained through vaccination, healing or negative smear. However, for over 50 years, the Ultra Green Passage was required, which could only be obtained through vaccination or a certificate of healing. These rules apply to companies and public offices. However, starting next March 31st, some things will change. With the “state of emergency” over, workers under 50 will no longer be required to show their green card. On the other hand, those over 50 will have to do so until June 15.

Through Law No. 234/2021 (Budget Law 2022), the Ministry has specified that there must necessarily be activities that are present in both labor agreements and in social inclusion charters. A green certificate is also mandatory on these occasions and failure to obtain it does not constitute an excuse to miss meetings.

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Slightly different rules to participate in book in public administrations. Also in this case it is necessary to show the green passport but since it is a practical activity, the rules of the two systems are indicated based on age. Those who are beneficiaries from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and have not reached the age of 50 are among those who must show a basic green passport. Beneficiaries who have already completed, as provided for all workers with Legislative Decree No. 2022 From February 15 to June 15 2022 they will have to show the Super Green Pass.

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