Stop receiving unwanted photos on your phone – there is a very simple trick

The minimum mobile memory today is 128 GB of storage. One might think it’s a respectable “container”, but no! Cell phones today are so full of completely useless things, including the memory occupied by the most diverse and capable applications, that the thought of buying a cell phone with 128 GB storage is like taking a three-wheeled car.

In fact, devices with at least memory are becoming increasingly popular 256 GBnot only because of the chaos posed by applications, but because of the hundreds and thousands of photos and videos that clog the memory of our mobile phones, without anyone asking for it.

WhatsApp –

Needless to say, the biggest “culprit” of this blockage is WhatsApp. Yes, because if we can do without many other applications, or we can find alternatives, the same cannot be said for WhatsApp. But, here we have to be careful, it has that annoying default setting that automatically saves photos and videos to your media gallery.

WhatsApp, here’s how to stop the spread of media

Of course, and that is why we said that we must be careful, it is possible (albeit manually) to avoid that those who send us memes, photos, videos, etc., clog the memory of the mobile phone. In fact The WhatsApp It gives the possibility, for Android and iOS devices, to disallow auto-save of media in mobile gallery, through very simple operations.

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WhatsApp –

On iOS, avoiding media autosave is a bit easier than on Android: just go to WhatsApp settings, select chat and then disable the option to save received media.

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As for Android, on the other hand, you have to do some other tricks, because the procedure is a bit different. For iOS, even on Android, if you deactivate auto download, only songs will be downloaded automatically, while for all other files, you will have to tap on them to be able to view them on the phone.

In addition, on Android, the photos and videos downloaded from WhatsApp are also displayed in the gallery in a dedicated folder, so you need a trick to make sure that you do not see them. You have to use the File Manager app, and from the file manager you have to press the internal memory button, then follow the path WhatsApp > Media > WhatsApp Images. At this point, tap on the button with three dots in the top right, then tap New > File give it as a name No media (Don’t forget to put the period).

Then you must do the same for video and for Animated GIFs, in order to apply the policy to other file types as well. However, for both operating systems, if you want to block the download of a particular chat or group only, you can do so by going to the contact or group information and block downloading files from that chat.

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