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If group celebrations were banned in Belgium for about a month (those who do not respect this ban risk getting a yellow card and fine), then in Prime Minister Carlo Ancelotti he had gone a little against the tide and tried to use a bit of irony to talk about football at the time of the pandemic: “That means we will stop scoring,” the Everton coach said. Then he explains: “I must say honestly now that there are no rules prohibiting collective celebrations after a goal. However, if the head of the State Council provides the rule, we will follow it. ”

Now he is also taking the field on this topic Jose MourinhoTottenham manager. Ask us and we have to try. Perhaps the best way is for the sign to cheer up on his own. I have always asked for a goal to be celebrated as a team because it is the result of everyone’s commitment, but maybe now is the time to say celebrate by yourself and let the other players come to you quietly. I know it’s tough, but I want to believe that only in extreme situations will players lose control of their emotions. Maybe we can help each other to educate players not to party, let’s see. ”

Finally, Special One also spoke of Bale, on loan to Tottenham from Real Madrid: “We don’t even need to discuss it for a second. Gareth is a player on loan until the end of the season. We all know very well that he arrived injured. Gradually, the European League matches helped him regain his condition, but it cannot be denied that the pace and intensity of the group matches in that competition cannot even be compared to that of the Premier League. He didn’t play much in the league either because he was injured again against Stoke. In any case, everyone was aware that the last two seasons in Madrid weren’t exactly great. Let us progress calmly and try to make the most of its capabilities. ”

January 16, 2021 (Change Jan 16, 2021 | 10:06 a.m.)

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