Stop giving out smelly and noisy gas, here’s how to empty your tummy by getting rid of horrible gas and sucking it up

There are a few talented people who don’t gas, but most people do, and it’s also a problem for many. While it is a necessity for the organism, some social norms sometimes force us to stick to it. Then stop the smelly and noisy gases, here’s how to empty your tummy by eliminating and sucking horrible gases.

smarter farts

There is much-followed news that outgassing is smarter. This is according to the professor. Isaac Steinberg of the University of Winsconsin in America. According to his study, outgassing increases brain activity, which is what works best. However, apparently, there is no such study, just as there is no University of Winsconsin professor named Isaac Steinberg. Therefore, the news can be a hoax or as they say in English fake news.

Instead, let’s see what happens when there is air in the abdomen.

Smelly foods and farts

If the abdomen bulges, create some farts Bad odor, due to what we eat and the process of digestion. Some foods such as legumes are not fully digested in the stomach, after which some bacteria in the intestine think about producing gas. Other foods, such as milk and cheese, can cause intestinal gas, such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli.

The method of cooking is also important. Eating fried foods frequently and using a lot of fat in cooking, such as butter and oil, does not help in this sense. However, it also depends on the highly variable sensitivity of individuals.

On the table, some food combinations are created that increase the likelihood of flatulence. In fact, sometimes foods are linked together which, if eaten alone, can cause them in and of themselves. An example is the Brussels pie with bechamel and cheese, accompanied by a glass of wine.

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Stop giving out smelly and noisy gas, here’s how to empty your tummy by getting rid of horrible gas and sucking it up

In addition, the digestive system is not always healthy. sometimes You suffer from aciditydysbacteriosis, or other disorders that may complicate the condition. So people find themselves with a swollen belly and an urge to constantly pass wind.

On the other hand, other people would like to get the air out of the abdomen, but they find it difficult. Of all aromatic herbs, it has carminative properties, that is, it helps to expel gases. Among these we find fennel and anise. With these, you can prepare herbal tea that helps empty the stomach.

Some foods may shrink, absorbing gas. This is the case with vegetable carbon or activated carbon.

Then there are those who have a problem with noisy farts. For this we refer to the in-depth analysis below.

In the end, regular feeding allows you to enjoy better health, even without such unpleasant diseases as flatulence.


The safe and practical way to hide gases in public places without being noticed by others

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