Stop combustion engines now

At CES in Las Vegas 2022, the Stellantis Group announced the final stop in production Citroen Berlingo and SpaceTourer with combustion engines. Therefore, from today, both cars can only be ordered with 100% electric motors.

The two trucks are respectively produced in Spain And in the north of France in two famous manufacturers the car group was born from a merger PSA and FCA Inherited from the French House. As of this January, the 100% electric version is the only one available for purchase.

Citroën Berlingo and SpaceTourer: Stellantis announces farewell to heat engines

This is the latest announcement of its kind from the automaker. After all Stilants Committed to moving forward in forced phases towards full electrification of its range also to meet increasingly restrictive emissions standards. This is especially true with regard to our continent. Citroen Berlingo and SpaceTourer Therefore, the last two Stellantis models will not suffer the same fate.

Two Citroen will now be sold only in a 100% electric version

Stellantis wants low-emission vehicles to make up 70 percent of sales by 2030. Remember this for example Peugeot Fiat They will be fully electric from 2030. DS for cars from 2024, Opel from 2028, Lancia from 2026 and Alfa Romeo from 2027.

In the past few hours, the CEO of Stellantis Carlos Tavares He also emphasized that in the future and more precisely from 2028, Chrysler will also become carbon-neutral. Citroen Berlingo SpaceTourer and their electric versions will continue to play a starring role in the light commercial vehicle segment as well in the coming years.

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