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From London interview Perhaps the magician Merlin’s hand was actually behind the Stonehenge mystery. Medieval legend has that The rock circle at Salisbury Plain was brought there from Ireland by order of the master of spells: According to the Chronicle of Britain’s Kings by Godfrey of Monmouth, a monk of the 12th century, Merlin wanted to bring the Giant Dance, the stone circle that once stood on the legendary Mount Kilarus, to England and erect it as a memorial for the treacherous massacre of the British forces by the Saxons. Monument that King Art’s uncle, Aurelius Ambrose, wanted to last forever. But when the 15,000 men working for the company found it difficult to remove the stones from the ground, Merlin stepped in with many tools.

Now it turns out that the myth has an iota of truth: Because Stonehenge Circle is actually used and brought from WalesWhere it originated. British archaeologists believe they have located Waun Mawn, Pembrokeshire, and The original site where the monument was erected more than 4,000,000 years ago. But after 3000 BC, those Neolithic tribes who built the first stone circle migrated to England, taking their crown jewels with them.

An impressive assignment involved shifting tons of paintings for about 250 kilometers: the transportation is supposed to take place at a rate of five kilometers per day (excluding magic arts).

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