Stock Exchange: Milan rises 3% with TIM and banks – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MILAN, March 08 – It is a real outbreak affecting all stock exchanges due to the crap that the European Union is preparing to launch “large-scale” bonds to finance energy and defense costs. Milan stretches with Ftse Mib (22902 points) up to +3.7% and then regresses to +2.7% and then rises to +3%.

However, the rip off, compared to the decidedly sloppy start, is great with many titles ending up in the auction and then back step by step. The best momentum comes from the most targeted stocks in the past period, such as Tim gaining 10.5%, and Unicredit (+6%) recovering, which is among the most exposed stocks in Russia with its subsidiary under pressure of rating agencies downgrade. . Other banks also rose like Banco Bpm (+4.4%), Intesa Sanpaolo (+4.3%). Also good were Generali (+ 4.2%), Exor (+ 5.3%), Poste (+ 4.75%). Among the few stocks in the negative Diasurin (-1.49%). (handle).

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