Steve McClure selling at Stile Flash Impact Day, tricky via Trad a Pavey Ark

English climber Steve McClure lit up Impact Day, a challenging and dangerous commercial climb that earned an E8 6c rating at Pavey Ark in England.

Still talking about 50-year-old Steve McClure, this time for the flash-style ascent of the rather difficult and dangerous commercial ascent Impact Day, At Pavey Ark in the Lake District of England. The path begins with a practically unprotected section where a fall is prevented, then a series of small incisions in the upper section lead to the top. If installed, the track would be rated 8A, so it would instead deserve an E8 6c that Chlorine climbed on the first shot after seeing friends try the bottom.

An indisputable skill McClure. For decades, he was the best sport climber in his country, and to this day he remains one of the few in the world to have climbed the 9B. It also gets along well with commercial climbing after scaling visible roads up to E8, or Nightmare At Dinas Cromlech in Wales in 2019. Only James Pearson has so far managed to do a better job, by going up in flash style (a priori knowing something about the track) Something is burning A Stennis Ford in Pembroke, Neil 2014.

Steve McClure Rangrazia: PetzelMarmot

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