Stellaris Infinite Legacy, found on Kickstarter, is a 4X board game from Paradox Interactive –

The Academy Games campaign has started Kickstarter From Stellaris’ Infinite Legacy. This is a board game inspired by the popular 4X space background by An interactive paradox. 40,000 euros was enough to fund a project that broke through 1.2 million euros after 23 days of completion. At this point, his production should undoubtedly be.

Stellaris Infinite Legacy is scheduled to be delivered at 2022While the fundraising will end on April 5, 2021.

The peculiarities of this board game are on the one hand the possibility to finish games in just two hours, a feature highly appreciated by those who want faster and lighter experiences, and on the other handInfinite reset. In fact, Academy games promise many variables that should make each game different from the previous one, without diminishing the set of rules or procedures available to players.

The minimum contribution to access the game is US $ 110 (approx 90 euros), To which you will have to add 30 or 40 dollars for shipping. For € 170, you’ll get the Deluxe Edition that contains all the open expansion goals, expansions for the fifth and sixth player, plus a game PC icon and a special thumbnail.

next one end line To achieve them you will add the super jumps card, after which the developer will have to announce the following goals.

In the event that you want to support the project or just know what it is, a this is the address You will find the Kellstarter pages of the Stellaris Infinite Legacy.

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