Stellantis: The future of one of its brands in Australia remains uncertain

President Chrysler In Australia, he was unable to confirm what the future holds for the famous American brand. Although the brand Stilants With a long history in Australia, Chrysler currently sells only a few sedans 300 SRT V8 Per month.

Most of these sales are NSW Police Highway Patrol fleet sales, while the rest are orders from private clients. Currently showing Chrysler Australia website 300C Luxury and 300 SRT for sale, at $59,950 and $77,450, respectively, before road costs.

At a media briefing last week for the new Jeep Compass, Kevin Flynn, President of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Australia, A division of the Stellantis Group said the brand will continue to sell a small number of vehicles for now, but the future remains uncertain. “We’ll work with the broader company to understand what’s going on from here,” Flynn said. We are still offering la 300CBut the numbers are down and the availability of production has been difficult for us as well.”

Chrysler sold only 97 cars in Australia through the end of July 2021, with a total of 218 sales for 2019. This compares with sales of 292 for 2019, 250 for 2018, and 258 for 2017. Most recent sales are believed to have been delivered. New South Wales Police For use by Highway Patrol, not for private buyers. So we will see the news coming from Australia for the Chrysler brand over the next few months.

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Chrysler: The fate of the Stellantis Group’s US brand remains uncertain at the moment in Australia, the CEO of the Australian division confirms

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