Stellantis introduces new I-6 twin-turbo Hurricane engine

The Hurricane is the new engine from Stellantis, introduced by the range of cars in the past few hours, and is capable of providing better fuel economy and lower emissions than larger engines. At the same time, it generates more power and torque than many naturally aspirated V-8 and six-cylinder powerplant competitors.

The main structure of the new engine

The powerful Hurricane twin-turbo chassis is engineered using the latest technology, allowing Stellantis propulsion engineers to create Two different types:

  • Standard Output (SO): Optimized for fuel economy, including the use of EGR, while delivering improved power and torque (more than 400 hp / 450 lb-ft of torque);
  • High Output (HO): Optimized for exceptional performance (more than 500 hp / 475 lb-ft) while maintaining significant fuel economy during heavy use, such as towing.

Mickey Bley, Head of Propulsion Systems at Stellantis says, “With Stellantis aiming to become the leading US company in electrification, with a 50% sales mix of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) by 2030, the combustion engines are in You will play a big role A major role In our portfolio for years to come we owe it to our customers and the environment to provide payment Cleaner and more efficient possible. The Twin Turbo Hurricane is a relentless engine that delivers improved fuel economy and significant reduction in greenhouse gases without requiring our customers to compromise on performance.”

Emission reduction is one Part of the Stellants commitment To reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and lead the transportation sector through access net zero carbon by 2038.

Specific power and torque values ​​vary by vehicle. The first engine powered by the new I-6 biturbo engine will be in dealer showrooms during 2022.

air force

Each turbocharger on the Hurricane twin-turbo I-6 is powered by three cylinders. From the point of view performancetwo smaller turbochargers with lower inertia spin faster and deliver engine thrust at lower rpm than a single large turbocharger.

Compressed air passes through a water-to-air intercooler fitted to the engine to reduce its temperature before entering the intake manifold. The colder the air is the denser, the performance Better thanks to advanced ignition timing and help managing in-cylinder temperatures. An electric pump circulates coolant after the engine is switched off to help cool the turbocharger units for longer life.

The cyclone works with a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and uses Excellent fuel at 91 octane. Reducing friction throughout the engine improves efficiency and reduces emissions and fuel consumption.

New member of the Stellantis powertrain group

The 3.0-liter I-6 twin-turbo Hurricane shares design features including bore, stroke and cylinder spacing, with the globally produced 2.0-liter I-4 turbocharger. In North America, the 2.0L engine is currently running Available in Jeep WranglerWrangler 4xe, Cherokee E Grand Cherokee 4xe was recently launched. The new Stylantis engine is manufactured at the Saltillo, Mexico plant.

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